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Red Rocks Climbing
Red Rocks Bouldering
Smith Rock
Joshua Tree Climbing
Boulder Canyon Climbing
Boulder Canyon Bouldering
Smith Rock Bouldering
Leavenworth Bouldering
Squamish Rock Climbing
Squamish Bouldering
Vancouver Climbing Guide
Vancouver Bouldering Guide
Seattle Rock Climbing 
Bay Area Climbing Guidebook
Lake Tahoe Rock Climbing
Yosemite Climbing Guide
Tuolumne Meadows Climbing
Yosemite Bouldering
Castle Rock State Park
Santa Barbara Area
Riverside Rock Guide
Red River Gorge
Seneca Rocks
New River Gorge 
Delaware Water Gap
Boxcar Rocks
East Coast Diabase
Sourlands, NJ
Safe Harbor, PA
Hunter Rocks, PA
Powerlinez, NY
NYC Bouldering
Thatcher, NY
Lincoln Woods, RI
Acadia Maine
Birdsboro, PA
Haycock, PA
New Jersey Areas
Mexico Bouldering
Enchanted Tower
Lost Lake, OR
Trout Creek, OR
Central Washington
Upper Dream Canyon
Lower Dream Canyon
City of Rocks
Rumney, NH
Daks Ice Guide
Ralph Stover, PA
South Mountain, PA
Philly Bouldering
Niagara Glen Bouldering
The Garden, OR
Columbia Gorge Bouldering
Much, much, more....