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Giant's Staircase 5.6 PG

Climb the steepped route with fun and easy movement to the summit.tis ondimentum.

Route List

Giant’s Staircase T,TR 5.6 So Embarrassing T 5.6 Edges and Ledges T,TR 5.8 Sickle, The T,TR 5.8+ Hammer, The T,TR 5.9 Hoe, The T,TR 5.7 Tips City T,TR 5.10a/b Chockstone Chimney T,TR 5.9 Loose Block Overhang T 5.9 Slow Drag (LBO variation) T 5.8 Grace and Danger T,TR 5.11b R Slapfest S 5.12b PG13 Sandy’s Direct T 5.10c Hanging Gardens Route T 5.10a Hobbit Hole T 5.7 B.F.D. T 5.9+ Sesame Street T 5.9+ Big Bird T,TR 5.10+ Demian T,TR 5.10d PG13 From Something to Nothing S 5.11- Fun in the Mud T 5.10c Scorpion Seam S 5.12c/d Circus Act to Black Prow T 5.12- Shining Star T 5.10c

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