Pacific Northwest Bouldering Guidebook

Pacific Northwest Bouldering GuideThe most comprehensive, only, and first bouldering guidebook that covers extensive bouldering in the Northwest. This guide is a compilation of years of developing new areas and seeking out the best and many previously undiscovered and undocumented bouldering areas in the Northwest. As of 2016, this guidebook is the only documentation and beta for many of the areas in this guidebook.

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Bellingham Bouldering

This guidebook has a complete bouldering guidebook for Bellingham, Washington including areas like Chuckanut Drive’s unique sandstone bouldering with problems from V0 to V9, located right on the shores of the Puget Sound. Sehome Hill in Bellingham is also included as well as beta on Cleator Road and Fragrance Lake.

Leavenworth and Gold Bar

This is the only guidebook in print that includes both Leavenworth and Gold Bar. This guide includes Icicle Canyon, Tumwater Canyon, Mountain Home Road and all of Gold Bar, Washington. As an added bonus we also include nearby Lake Wanatchee and bouldering areas in Stevens Pass.

Portland Bouldering

Included in this guide is the first ever bouldering guidebook for Portland, Oregon. It includes Lost Lake, Horse Camp at Beacon Rock, Upper Kueffler Road boulders, Lost City, Boulder Mountain, Bridge of the Gods boulders, Larch Mountain, Cascade Boulders, Herman Creek, and many other areas.

The only comprehensive bouldering guidebook for the Pacific Northwest. It is the original guidebook to many newly developed areas in Washington and Oregon. Nearly 500 pages of topos, beta, directions, and descriptions. This book is a must have for anyone who boulders in the Northwest or anyone visiting the Northwest.

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460 page comprehensive, full-color guide for the Northwest

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Areas Included

This is a partial list of areas included. All areas include, color topos, color maps, descriptions, and color photos

Seattle and Western Washington

  • Bellingham Chuckanut Drive
  • Sehome Hill
  • Creator Road and Fragrance Lake
  • Mount Erie
  • Anacortes
  • Seattle Region
  • Booka Boulders
  • Middle Fork Boulders
  • Rattlesnake Lake Bouldering
  • The Mine of Index
  • Spade Lake
  • Central Washington Bouldering

  • Gold Bar
  • Index
  • Index Mine
  • Morpheus Bouldering
  • Stevens Pass
  • Leavenworth
  • Tumwater Canyon
  • Mountain Home Road
  • Icicle Creek
  • Lake Wenatchee
  • Banks Lake
  • Portland and Central Oregon Bouldering

  • Widgi Creek
  • Smith Rock
  • The Bettermilks
  • Meadow Camp
  • Beacon Rock
  • Upper Kueffler Road
  • Portland Bouldering Areas
  • Hamilton Mt
  • Lost Lake
  • Lost City
  • Boulder Mountain
  • Bridge of the Gods Boulders
  • Cascade Boulders
  • Herman Creek
  • Broughtan’s Magma Zone
  • Larch Mt

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