FE Walter

A bit about bouldering at Pennsylvania’s “Horsetooth” doppleganger.

Nikki Wagner

March 2, 2021

About the Boulders

Conglomerate boulders litter the shore of one of Pennsylvania’s most interesting bouldering areas.

Located 90 minutes drive from downtown Philadelphia, The FE Walter Dam is a locals favorite nestled in the gorgeous Pocono Mountains. 

Several hundred Gunks-like conglomerate boulders lie along the shores of the reservoir and nestled at two popular wooded areas, and four relatively unknown areas within a mile of the dam.



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We did a comprehensive guidebook for the FE Walter Dam and it is also included in the Pennsylvania Bouldering print guide available here.

Where to Boulder

Ironing out the best spots for your visit.

Atlantis Bouldering Area

100 Boulder problems on the shore of a manmade Pocono lake.

In the early 90s. Rob Holzman’s friend Nick told him about some boulders in the Poconos that resembled the famed Horsetooth Reservoirs bouldering in Colorado: sunny, golden-colored rock.

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The complete guidebook for this area and nearby areas is available in the Next Ascent app guidebook for the Poconos or in the PA Bouldering print guidebook.

Other Nearby Areas

Closest Area: City of Boulders.

The Unique City of Boulders

Located at the outlet for Bear Creek, a mile of boulders litter the shorline!

Other Nearby Areas

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