FE Walter

A bit about bouldering at Pennsylvania’s “Horsetooth” doppleganger.

Nikki Wagner

March 2, 2021

About the Boulders

Conglomerate boulders litter the shore of one of Pennsylvania’s most interesting bouldering areas.

Located 90 minutes drive from downtown Philadelphia, The FE Walter Dam is a locals favorite nestled in the gorgeous Pocono Mountains. 

Several hundred Gunks-like conglomerate boulders lie along the shores of the reservoir and nestled at two popular wooded areas, and four relatively unknown areas within a mile of the dam.

The Guidebook

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We did a comprehensive guidebook for the FE Walter Dam and it is also included in the Pennsylvania Bouldering print guide available here. This area is also covered in the PA Bouldering Print Book.

Where to Boulder

Ironing out the best spots for your visit.

Atlantis Bouldering Area

100 Boulder problems on the shore of a manmade Pocono lake.

The most popular area at the dam, by far, is the Atlantis bouldering areas. Also known as the sunny boulders because they lie in an open shoreline and are often soaked in sunshine, making this an excellent place to boulder in late fall and winter.

There are times of the year when the water is over the boulders and climbing is not possible.  Refer to the Next Ascent digital guidebook in the Next Ascent app to plan your trip and make sure this area is above water. Otherwise choose one of the other areas at the dam like the Klittergarden or the Land of Overhangs.

Land of Overhangs

Boulder problems range from V0 to V11.

Located on the north side of the reservoir a short walk leads to a long section of steep rock and overhangs.  Most of the length of the entire rock-outcrop is fun overhangs with a few really difficult rigs.

Klittergarden & Other Areas

Boulder problems range from V0 to V8.

Located There is also abundant climbing and bouldering at the Klittergarden, a wooded bouldering area with 85 problems, The Canoe Wall, Brown Sugar Wall for roped routes (DWS is not allowed here), and at three other sizable areas in the woods and along the shore.

If the water level is up at the reservoir you can always find good bouldering at the Klittergarden or Land of Overhangs as well as at The Cube and outlying areas in the woods above both sides of the reservior. 

Get the guide

The complete guidebook for this area and nearby areas is available in the Next Ascent app guidebook for the Poconos or in the PA Bouldering print guidebook.

Other Nearby Areas

Closest Area: City of Boulders.

The Unique City of Boulders

Located at the outlet for Bear Creek, a mile of boulders litter the shorline!

The City of Boulders Bouldering area:

One of the most interesting bouldering areas in PA litters a mile of shoreline on the northeast end of the Francis E Walter Dam. Gunks-like boulders with problems ranging from V0 to V11.

Know Before You Go:

The water level on this side of the dam is often too high to cross.  During this time you need a kayak or boat to paddle to the boulders or rock climbing wall. During dam release and low water you can walk across the river.




Other Nearby Areas

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