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Safe Harbor Climbing Guidebook 

This is the digital climbing guidebook to Safe Harbor climbing area in South-central Pennsylvania. This is a comprehensive app guidebook for PAs premier sport crag.

Crags: All of the SH crags

Location: South-central PA

Pocono Bouldering Guidebook

The first and only guidebook to the amazing areas in the Pocono Northeast. Includes several areas in the Poconos and north of Allentown and Philly.

Areas: Big Boulder, Water Gap, FE Walter, Promised Land, Several Others

Location: NE PA

Ralph Stover/High Rocks Guidebook

The complete guidebook app to Ralph Stover State Park. This guide also includes Grey Rocks and nearby areas.

Crags: High Rocks, Grey Rocks

Location: South-east PA

FREE Birdsboro Guidebook

The complete guidebook app to Birdsboro climbing area, one of PA’s best sport crags.  See below for download instructions.

Crags: All Birdsboro Crags

Location: South-east PA

Mocanaqua Rock Climbing Guidebook

This is the crag guide to Mocanaqua in Northeast Pennsylvania. Includes sport, trad and toprope. 

Areas: Paradise, Library, Squirrel, Main Wall

Location: NE PA

Mocanaqua Bouldering Guidebook

A guidebook to all of the Mocanaqua bouldering areas. Mocanaqua is home to Gunks-like bouldering.

Areas: Boulder Garden, Squirrel Rock

Location: NEPA

Mid Valley Guidebook

Formerly our Montdale Guide. We expanded to include never-before bouldering in the Mid Valley region near Scranton.

Areas: Archbald, Montdale

Location: NE PA

Trenches Guidebook

This guidebook is a bouldering guidebook to the extensive Trenches bouldering area near Scranton.

Areas: The Trenches

Location: NE PA

FE Walter Guide

This is a bouldering guidebook to the FE Walter bouldering areas in the Poconos.

Areas: Atlantis, Land of Overhangs, City of Boulders, Klittergarden

Location: NE PA

Allentown Bouldering Guidebook

This is a bouldering guidebook to Allentown and its city bouldering areas.

Areas: Emmaus And Bauers Rock, Big Rock Park

Location: SE PA

Chickies Rock Guidebook

This is a climbing and bouldering guidebook to Chickies Rock, a trad climbing area north of Safe Harbor and south of Harrisburg.

Areas: Chickies Rock

Location: Southcentral PA

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