Connecticut rock climbing

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Connecticut rock climbing is some of the best in lower New England. The rock is good quality at most areas, Traprock is fantastic and offers dozens and dozens of great cliffs and boulders, and the state in general has great boulders and small cliffs in a state often overlooked for its climbing prowess. CT is a state that has a lot of climbing tucked away in the rolling hillsides. There are areas in just about every part of the state. The cliffs are not as high as other New England states but offer great quality and lots of opportunities for short leads and topropes. The main areas are on Traprock and Ragged Mountain. These areas offer highest and most frequented areas. Many smaller cliffs lie scattered throughought the Traprock belt.

Climbing in CT is typically suburban cragging on the many outcrops and crags that are almost always near suburbia. That being said nearly all the crags have a mountain feel and leave you in quaint New England mountaintops that have the feel of seclusion.

The best places in CT to rock climb are the Traprock areas in the center of the state. If you like seaside climbing you can find some interesting sea cliffs and boulders all over the shoreline of Connecticut. The areas on the coast are not as good quality as central CT but are really good nonetheless. If you remember the ending scene in the movie “the Good Son” where the min character falls off the steep, jagged cliff, thats climbing on the CT shoreline.

Season and Weather

The climate in Connecticut is pretty mild in spring, summer, and fall but you can get some showers and thunderstorms in these seasons too. Winter is harsh as is most of the seaside crags but the areas near cities can be climbable year round if you don’t mind a little snow and cold sometimes. CT climbers boulder year round. New Englanders are not afraid to get out and punish themselves in the harsh winter months; and there is really good friction then too.

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Local Climbing Groups

The Connecticut Climbers and Mountaineers: A great group dedicated to climbing not only in Connecticut but all over New England too.

Ragged Mountain Foundation A great resource and foundation dedicated to protecting and helping access to Ragged Mountain.

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