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When I started bouldering in Pennsylvania, I thought I would just drive to the guns like everyone else, nothing good to be in PA right? I never thought I would be just as excited to spend all my weekends in PA instead.Bouldering outside Philly is awesome.  It turns out that some of the best bouldering in the East is in Pennsylvania. Good old PA bouldering is starting to get attention too.  This Climbing magazine article finally vindicated the Keystone state and gave a “shout out” to what really is some of the best bouldering in the country.

At this point everyone and his climbing partner has probably visited or plans to visit the well known areas like Governor Dick, Haycock, and Governor Stable. Hunter Rock has probably been on someones radar too, especially if they went to Penn State. I would like to turn climbers on to some of the lesser-known gems. Areas that have boulders as good as anything on the Carriage Road at the Gunks and of nearly identical rock type.

  1. City of Boulders

A paradise for bouldering ad it’s just up the Turnpike.

This area has been a complete secret for nearly 20 years but not intentionally. The area has been mentioned many times but never officially documented until the release of the digital guidebook app last year. This area is worth a drive from Philly, New Jersey, or New York. Its just a 90 minute drive from either. You can be sending on 20 foot high, massive conglomerate blocks within 15 minutes of your car. It’s also secluded and unlikely anyone else will be out there bouldering with you. Problems range from V0- to V11 with a good mix of everything and some existing projects, especially at the completely undeveloped cliff hidden above in the woods.

You can get more info here [toggle title_open=”Close ” title_closed=”Open ” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default” excerpt_length=”0″ read_more_text=”Read More” read_less_text=”Read Less” include_excerpt_html=”no”]The City of Boulders has just had a guidebook app released for it. It includes all the routes here and many other areas in the Poconos.[/toggle]

2. The Trenches

Gunks-like conglomerate in NEPA

Located right in the heart of Scranton, PA. This area is full of surprises.  The bouldering area is an actual maze of conglomerate passages.  Some of the best bouldering in NEPA is located here and only a handful of climbers have ever visited this area. The area is located right near Scranton but is secluded and has the feel of being tucked away from everything.






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