Leavenworth Bouldering

Leavenworth Bouldering


Easy access, gorgeous views, excellent-quality rock, great landings, and many mega classics that offer great problems. Massive swaths of undeveloped boulders still exist too.


Summer is great with good weather but winter can be harsh for bouldering standards and lack of winter traffic makes snowfall impact bouldering efforts. Lack of diversity in rock compared to Colorado granite or Cali granite.

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Leavenworth is the most traveled and most popular boul- dering area in Washington State. The rock quality is nothing shy of amazing and you must visit this area at some point. Long known as a treasure for technical rock climbing, Leavenworth has also been a longstanding bouldering area for Washington climbers. Although it seems that recent years have brought a rebirth of this bouldering area and also cas- caded the area into worldwide fame, making Leavenworth a world-class destination, the area has seen bouldering activity for decades. The amazing-quality granite boulders come in all shapes and sizes and span miles up the main three canyons that surround the town of Leavenworth.
The town itself is an interesting tourist attraction—or tourist trap, whichever your view might be—but either way, the little village has a homely personality and welcoming presence
for climber and tourist alike. The town is modeled after a Bavarian village and is popular as a Christmas attraction, complete with Tyroll-esque figurines in the street, a Christ- mas tree lighting ceremony, and virtually guaranteed snow of the holidays.


As for the climbing scene, it’s become a sort of tourist trap
as well, but the type that yields amazing-quality problems, fantastic stone, and great people to hang out with. Since the late 2000s, the area has seen an incredible increase in climber
traffic. Magazine articles have been published on the area, and it was featured in a great climbing film called Western Gold. This increase has brought in the great climbing com- munity that now exists in the area. Some climbers have even chosen to move to the area
to pursue bouldering as a near-full-time passion. I personally feel that this new increase in climber numbers has been a huge benefit to the area. Better trails now exist, problems are not overgrown with moss like they used to be, and there is a huge energy fueling new route development.

  • Access: Public Lands
  • Pet Friendly: Yes
  • Forest Pass:Yes
  • Season: Year-round–kinda


There are a few options for nearby camping but remember, you are in the Leavenworth area gust super busy on weekends and during peak summer; especially holidays.

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Leavenworth Washington is located on the east end of the Cascades 2.5 hours from Seattle and just west of Wenatchee, Washington. The best areas are located in Icicle Canyon and Tumwater Canyon as well as Mountain Home Road.

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