Montana Rock Climbing Areas


Montana has some amazing rock climbing.  The state is not as visited by climbers as Colorado or California but the smaller population, remote crags, and lack of crowds is what makes Montana climbing special.  The Bozeman area has some of the better known and more popular destinations but far western Montana also has great climbing and bouldering.  Missoula, Butte and other parts of the western side have great spots.  Homestake Pass near Butte has some Joshua Tree-esque bouldering and short roped climbing.  A great deal of newly developed bouldering in western Montana has yielded some four-star areas with high quality granite bouldering rivals anyplace popular in the U.S
Montana has a great climbing season but winters can make many areas inclinable and super in places can be very, very hot.  You can typically find shaded areas that have a great deal of climbable walls even in summer.  All in all Montana is an amazing stat with wide spaces, big sky and climbing everyplace from central to western Montana.  The eastern part of the state has little worthwhile climbing.

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