Nevada Rock Climbing

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Long stretches of remote desert and desolate dirt roads lead to sandstone canyons with good rock climbing.  The climbing season in this state may not be the longest and the heat can certainly get to you–as well as many other factors of desert climbing–but Nevada does have excellent rock climbing.  The Las Vegas vicinity is home to one of Americas most popular sport and trad areas, Red Rocks.  Mt Charleston is also close by and offers a retreat from the heat and crowds found at Red Rocks. The canyons near Searchlight, south of Las Vegas also offers good climbing as well as the far eastern reaches of the state. Nevada is a great retreat in the winter for warmer climbing than other parts of the U.S
There are also great areas in Northern Nevada.  The East shore of Lake Tahoe has amazingly good quality granite boulders and cliffs.  Reno also has some urban climbing and the Green Mountains offers a bit of options as well.

Nevada is a very remote state. Plan your trips and outings wisely in Nevada. Heat and desert issues like dehydration, being lost on desert roads, feeling creeped out in remote parts of the country–ever see the “Hills HAve Eyes”?–and desert wildlife can be problems climbing here. bring plenty of water, do a lot of research, find or group yourself with locals, and have a great time because there rock is great in Nevada.

If you climb at one area in Nevada, or the country for that matter, it should be Red Rocks. Red Rocks is one of the most impressive areas and most accessible in the US. The positive edges, bulletproof sandstone, and wealth of sport routes makes this area amazing. If that does not suit you there are hundreds of trad and boulder problems here too.

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