Lost City Bouldering Area Near Mount Hood


Lost City Bouldering Area Near Mount Hood

The Lost City Bouldering Area Near Mount Hood is arguably one of the best bouldering areas near Portland, and southwest Washington state.  Not to be confused by nearby Lost Lake Bouldering Area, this large bouldering area, also referred to Boulder Mountain, is located near Mount Hood on the way to Bend. This area resembles a mini Leavenworth, emphasis on the mini part as this area is nowhere near as large,  good, or even in the same class but for Portland bouldering it’s pretty darn good.


Lost City is a spot that has a rich concentration of rock.  As the name suggests this area resembles a city of large boulders strewn across the forest and luckily is a reasonably short drive from Portland.  Also a geologic term called a rock city is a landform where passages and gardens of boulders are created.  Or in laymans terms a really cool place to boulder.  This is a great new addition to Portland bouldering.

Problems can be found from V0- to V9 currently and two V11s are anxiously waiting to be sent.  The area is spread out over a very large mountain and climbers continue to find new boulder fields and areas.  A route setter from PG in Portland just located a new area with reportedly huge boulders in early 2015.  It appears that the boulders may extend in the direction of Estaccada and have many more surprises waiting to be developed during the 2016 season.

Bouldering Season on Boulder Mountain

Summer is the best but late spring and late autumn is great too.  There is typically less rain because of the proximity to Mount Hood but you can stretch the season only so much because snow is a certainty here.  During winter the area is buried in deep snowpack.  It is possible to brush off a few of the problems at Lost City but It’s not typically worth the trouble.


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