Rhode Island Climbing

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Rhode Island climbing is pretty popular but Rhode Island is not known for large cliff faces, long trad routes, or big wall climbing but it does have great character and quaint, small cliffs as well as some of the most popular bouldering in New England. One of the benefits of RI is that you can get to any climbing area within an hour or so. Many of the areas are smaller than what you would get in other parts of New England but there are many opportunities for some great bouldering here. There are some beautiful seaside climbs on the ocean but these are currently prohibited due to access issues with the park system. Other nearby states can have good climbing that is just as close as any of the areas in the RI as well. If you like to boulder Lincoln Woods is one of the best areas to boulder in the country and has large, small and a variety of great boulders and grades for any level climber.

When climbers think of RI, Lincoln Woods is probably the first area that hits their minds. This state has many other bouldering areas that have as good boulders. Areas like Beach Pond on the Connecticut border offer a new area to explore with great quality stone. The large, granite blobs that are hidden in a shaded forest are worth visiting.


If you plan a visit here summer is a great time to visit. Spring and fall are pretty amazing times to climb here too. Leaves change color and transform the Ocean state into a cool and gorgeous wonderland with a full spectrum of colors that dot paint the trees and landscape.

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