Wyoming Rock Climbing Areas

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Wyomings Rural Crags

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Wyoming is one of the most rural stats in the US. Here is detailed beta dedicated to Wyoming Rock Climbing areas. It’s setting is quite, spread-out, and full of low-key crags, mountains, and bouldering areas. Wyoming rock climbing is an experience unto itself. This state’s prairies contain areas like Wild Iris, Devil’s Tower, Vedavoo, The Grand Teton, and bouldering areas with some of the oldest bouldering history where John Gill put up some of th emsot classic problems at Jenny Lake.

Climbing Season

The season in Wyoming is as diverse as the climbing itself. Year-round climbing is possible and areas all over the state are climbable year round. Winters can be harsh but sun-baked areas make the state have not-entirly-seasonaly based climbing.

Wyoming Climbing Areas

There are many areas in all corners of Wyoming but the most popular in Northeast Wyoming is Devil’s Tower.


Wyoming Rock Climbing


Best Climbing Areas

The Top Climbing Areas in Wyoming

All Wyoming Areas

Devil’s Tower

Wild Iris

The Tetons


Best Bouldering



Best Sport Climbing

Wild Iris

Best Trad Climbing

Devil’s Tower

Best Ice Climbing

The Tetons

Northeast Wyoming

Wyoming Rock Climbing

Northeast Wyoming is a rural part of Wyoming with climbing best known at areas like Devil’s Tower and Vedavoo, a reasonable drive south and closer to the Colorado Border. The Needles in South Dakota are also a close stop.

Western Wyoming

The Tetons Climbing Area

Western Wyoming is perhaps the most visited part of the state by climbers. The Tetons, Jackson Hole, and many other spots are heavily frequented and considered destination areas.

The Bighorns

climbing wyoming

The Bighorns offer some of the best quality climbing in Wyoming. Not far from Sheridan, the massive cliffs and mountains dominate the landscape. Ten Sleep is the major draw in this part of WY.

Southeast Wyoming

vedavoo climbing area

Vedavoo is the major draw in SE Wyoming and this off width paradise bring climbers from not only Colorado but from around the globe. Cracks and face climbing can also be found here.

More Beta

Wyoming has a diverse climbing season with climbing year round.

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