Most Used Climbing Gear in PA

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Popular Gear for PA Climbing

PA has some diverse climbing: cracks, pebbles, faces, edges, DWS, bouldering, quarries, conglomerate, sandstone, gritstone, choss you name it the “keystone state” has got it. We put together a well-deserved list for Pennsylvania’s climbers to explore some gear options.

Tape & Webbing

Although tape is something you would normally think you only need for desert crack climbing. PA has some applications where you should consider it. PA areas with sharp conglomerate pebbles are a prime example.

Webbing is needed at nearly every crag in PA. Due to the set back nature of some crags and lack of development (fixed anchors), many crags in the Keystone state need a fair amount of webbing to create anchors. Even for more popular areas like Ralph Stover (High Rocks) it’s not a terrible idea to bring extra webbing for creating topropes on nearby climbs.

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Hydration is a key part of any outdoor sport. Climbing is obviously no exception. Camelback makes some great hydration packs and bottles that make it easy to not forget to hydrate while climbing. Although PA doesn’t have the multi-pitch giants like Cannon Cliff or Cathedral Ledge, it does have some two or three pitch options like the Deleware Water Gap where a long day is almost always the case.

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The #2 Cam

The mid-sized cam, typical the number 2. Is arguably the most placed cam in PA. Mid-size cracks, horizontals, and other features are common in Pennsylvania conglomerate and other stone types. It’s no wonder why this is also one of the most-placed cams at the Gunks.

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Wear a Damn Helmet Already

Yes, wear a damn helmet. I can’t tell you how many times I’m climbing at The Water Gap and see people without helmets. Helmets are the most important investment you can make in climbing gear. After all your protecting your most important investment, your brain!

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The Medium-Sized Stopper

Them medium-sized stopper is another staple piece for Pennsylvania climbing areas. Although PA doesn’t have as many cracks as other popular crags like the Daks. The medium stopper is a well-utilized gear choice for most crags and even toprope setups.

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