Washington Climbing Areas

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Washington Climbing Areas

Washington State is one of the most granite-rich states. It’s setting is quite, spread-out, and full of low-key crags, mountains, and bouldering areas. Washington rock climbing is an experience unto itself.
The east side has tall granite and massive cliffs like Darrington, Index, and Static Point, as well as massive peaks like Mount Ranier and Mount Adams. Smaller crags with deeply-wooded sport routes exist along the I-90 corridor outside Seattle and along Highway 2. Dozens of bouldering areas like Leavenworth, Morpheus, North Bend, and many other spots are nestled in the hissed and valleys near Seattle, Olympia, Bellingham, and even Spokane.
Washington is known for amazing alpine routes and many of the climbing areas on the North Cascade Highway and in the North Cascades offer some of the best alpine routes in the country. The areas in the North Cascades are a popular draw to climbers looking for an intense training ground or a vacation spot to test skills.
Southwest Washington has climbing on several crags and is a destination for anyone in the Portland metro. Areas like Ozone, Beacon Rock, Thy Bypass climbing area, and several others offer everything from trad, sport, aid, and bouldering. Beacon Rock is one of the better-kept secrets as a trad paradise. Like a mini Devil’s Tower, Beacon Rock rises out of the Columbia River with its massive basalt columns.

Climbing Season

The season in Washington is as intense as the climbing itself. Year-round climbing is possible and areas all over the state are climbable year round. Winters can be harsh and rainfall intense, but the little-known secret is that climbing is nearly always available at areas even when the rain is falling.

Washington Climbing Areas

There are many areas in all corners of Washington but the most popular in the Seattle region is Index.


ranier or hood

Featured Areas in Washington

Leavenworth Bouldering

Western Washington

Western Washington is one of states more popular regions due to its proximity to the city centers. A reasonable drive from Seattle brings lots of high quality bouldering and climbing areas.

NH Climber

Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington holds many granite areas that are adversely different from the West side of the state. The seasons offer more sun, the summers hot and climbable, and winters cold but always provide opportunities for climbing.

New Bouldering Areas in Washington State

There are many new areas being developed in Washington state. We will be adding beta on newly developed areas regularly. Some spots that are getting lots of attraction are along Highway 2. New sport, trad and bouldering are hoping up around Index at nearby crags and bouldering areas.

1.  Mine Boulders

Located right across from the Index walls is a forest service road that leads to a rediscovered bouldering area. This area has been climbed at for over a decade but recent cleaning efforts are making this area more popular and much better than when the area was more vegetated.

2.  Morpheus

This area, located in the valley above Skykomish, offers a different feel and setting than that of nearby Leavenworth or Gold Bar. If you are looking of a new area to explore, this is a popular new spot. As of 2015 there is still a lot to be developed at the outlying areas near Morpheus.

3.  Sasquatch Boulders

Located near Morpheus, across a cool river, this area is sometimes cumbersome to get to but a unique adventure in summer. After crossing a raging river you reach dozens of good-sized boulders. This area is one of Washington’s secret areas with plenty of room for new problems and projects.

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